van Santen


Visual FoxPro Development

Do you have Visual FoxPro applications and a need to support them? Perhaps data repair, modification of an existing program, or a new module?

Are you running a VFP-based ERP system, such as Made2Manage, SBT, or Alere, and need assistance with report writing or customizations?

Or, perhaps, you're trying to make your legacy application work with new web technologies and other Internet connectivity.

I can help. Many years experience in the corporate development world, make for a quick adaptation to a new situation.

My experience spans a wide range -- from developing complete applications from analysis throught deployment to working as a technical lead with development teams, and customization analyst.

The new avenues that I'm pursuing include web technology, PHP and .NET based, as well as other cross-platform technologies such as Python. I have a significant client base with local manufacturing groups running ERP systems. With my broad experience, I can support clients both with current needs as well as their future plans.

I'm available for contract work in the Indianapolis area. And there's always the VFP network I can work with.

Further information is available upon request. Call me, Jay van Santen, at my office: 317-513-2825, or email me at